Tetramethylthiuram disulfide 75± 1% EPDM+oil+dispersant 25±1%

TMTD(TT)-75GE/F200 CHEMICAL NAME:Tetramethyl thiuram disulfide75±1% EPDM+OiL+Dispersant 25±1%MOLECULAR FORMULA:C6H12N2S4MOLECULAR STRUCTURE:QUALITY STANDARD:Product Description  Raw Material Description  AppearanceGrey-white granuleDensity(g/cm3): 1.28±0.04Initial M.P. ˚C(active MBTS)≥

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CHEMICAL NAME:Tetramethyl thiuram disulfide75±1%
EPDM+OiL+Dispersant 25±1%
Tetramethyl Thiuram Disulfide 75± 1% EPDM+Oil+Dispersant 25± 1%

Product Description  Raw Material Description  
AppearanceGrey-white granule
Density(g/cm3): 1.28±0.04Initial M.P. ˚C(active MBTS)≥  142.0
Mooney viscosity,ML(1+4)at50°C:45±10Ash, %≤ 0.30
Filtration process(Mesh/pm) 80mesh/200μmLoss on drying%≤ 0.30
Density(g/cm3)Approx 1.15Residue(150μm),%≤0.10
  1. It can be used as an overspeed accelerator in rubbers such as NR, IR, BR, SBR, NBR, IR, EPDM;
  2. The effective sulfur content of TMTD is about 13.3%, so a similar sulfur carrier can be used as a vulcanizing agent in a low sulfur vulcanization system and an EV system;
  3. The critical temperature of vulcanization is 100 ° C, and it is mainly used in diene rubber such as sulfur-sulfurized NR, SBR, IR, BR, NBR, etc., and the promoter is often used together with CTP to improve the safety of the scorch of the rubber;
  4. As a promoter, it should be used together with zinc oxide and stearic acid. It is also used as a secondary accelerator for thiazoles. It can also be used in combination with other accelerators in continuous vulcanization systems.
  5. Is a scorch retarder of non-sulfur modified neoprene (CR);
  6. It is pre-dispersed masterbatch, easy to weigh, processing is not flying, no leakage, small taste, is conducive to employee health; easy to disperse, no loss, to ensure stable performance of vulcanized products;
  7. Mainly used in industrial rubber products such as tires, inner tubes, shoe materials, and wires.
STORAGE:Keep cool (below 25ºC) and dry in original package.12 months from production date.
USAGE:Often used with zinc oxide and stearic acid (not available).
DOSAGE:0.3-125 phr as a promoter; 01-0.5 ph as a second accelerator.
25 kgs in carton box with polyethylene bag liner
SHIPPING MARKS:Neutral export standard. Also can be customized.
Quantity(Metric Tons)1-12-30>30
Est.Time(days)1525to be negotiated
STORAGE:Keep cool (below 25ºC) and dry in original package.12 months from production date.
NOTE: According to customer requirements, different content, different carrier particles or sheet products can be made. Such as TMTD-75GE, TT-80 and so on.


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