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Shanghai Cheetady Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale office furniture enterprise integrating professional design, development, production and sales. Since its establishment in 1983, the company has won the respect of its peers with its unique corporate culture and scientific management philosophy. The company has always adhered to the corporate goal of “creating first-class enterprise, first-class product, first-class reputation and first-class service”, and has been praised as “often” by the industry. Green tree." Our products are: T-butylchloride n-Propylcarbinyl, methyl allyl polyoxyethylene ether, methyl allyl hexanoate, 2-methyl allyl magnesium bromide, tert-BUTYL LORIDE, methylallyl, methallyl chloride synthesis, methyl allyl bromide, 3-ChIoro-2-Methylpropylene, methallyl magnesium chloride
3-4f, No. 13, Dawei 7th Rd, Third Industrial Zone

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